Saturday, January 31, 2009

Omar Epps confident of being renewed contract to play Mike Tomlin

Omar Epps, who plays the popular character of Mike Tomlin (the head coach of the football team Pittsburg Steelers) in real life, said on Saturday that he is confident about his contract being renewed for a new season. His comments, made on the eve of the 43rd Superbowl come as no surprise considering that the team he has been ‘coaching’ has made it to the grand finale of the American football season this year. “I am a method actor” he says, “when I am Dr. Foreman on House I try to read up as much as I can about medicine. I am sure I can perform a simple surgery or two now. I approach the character of Mike Tomlin in a similar way. I have been reading everyday, have been watching John (the Steelers’ Assistant Head Coach John Mitchell) lecture the boys about football and hey, I even throw the old pigskin around now and then.” When asked about the toughest part about playing Mike, he says “It’s the pep talks before the game. Most of my lines consist of football jargon that I have got memorized but when it comes to the pep talks it can get very hard. The players look at me for inspiration but there is only so much I can do if my lines are not very good. I really have to put my heart and soul in it. Sometimes I even get carried away and improvise. And some other times when I forget lines on the field, I just cover my mouth with the playbook. That always works!”.

When asked about how he balances his normal life and two big roles, Omar mentioned that it can get very disorienting at times and that there have been a couple of occasions when he has walked into a room full of football players and shouted “HOUSE…NO”.
He however added that he wasn’t very concerned about such future mix ups as he is a little pessimistic regarding his role of Dr. Foreman. His character, he added, off late has been very uninvolved with the plots and felt that the writers jumped the shark by having him kiss ‘13’ (another character played by Olivia Wilde). He said that the Steelers on the other hand have done very well and he is very happy that the nation has embraced Mike Tomlin so well. He let slip that he hoped for an Emmy nomination if the Steelers win the Superbowl. Omar Epps has done some other movies but no one has ever heard of them so we wish him all the best as this might be his only chance.

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